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This memorial website was created in the memory of our loved one, Louis Felix McBride who was born in United Kingdom on January 16, 2006  at 2.20am weighing a healthy 8lbs. 
Louis was the long awaited baby of vicki and peter.Louis died on the 4th of April 2006  from an undiagnosed heart condition called TAPVD .(Total anomalous pulmonary venous draingage)He also had Hypoplastic left heart sydrome.
Louis was a very happy baby who showed no signs of his condition until 1 day before he died during surgery to try and save his life.Doctors are amazed that Louis lived for so long with no problems or any symptoms of his condition.Babies normally present at birth or within a few hours  with breathing problems.Louis really was a fighter.
We had 12 wonderful weeks at home with Louis and we will always remember our "poohy" Louis.Although we are so sad to have lost Louis we are so grateful to of had him in our lives and are so proud to call him our son.
Forever in our hearts and thoughts.
Louis will always be our Truly Scrumptious baby boy.
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So sorry   / Michelle (Mummy of Louis angel friend Bailey )
I'm so sorry to read your story of how you lost Louis. He was a beautiful baby. Thanks for letting us get to know him.
Gorgeous Louis and his family   / Lou Miller (From Sands (LouandAmy) )
Thank you for sharing Louis with us. What a lovely looking family you are.  Louis looks very loved in his pictures. I'm sure he's up there now making friends with my Amy (survived 1 month). I'm really sorry for your loss, he looks like a wonderf...  Continue >>
Sorry for your loss   / Claire Stewart (Friend from SANDS )
Vicki what a cheeky little monkey you have there, his little smile is so lovely. I am so sorry that you have had to say goodbye to your little man it is so unfair. Always here for you.

love and hugs
A Very Special Boy   / Katrina Hartley (From Sands )
I am so very sorry for your loss - you must miss him so very very much.  We ALL miss our babies and not a day will go by when we don't think about them.  They are always right there in our hearts.

You spent very special times wit...  Continue >>
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